The Grünwaldhof has been in the family for generations.
In 1956 'Oma' Klausner Kreszenz, together with her husband Stanis, took over the farm from her father Sigmund Geisler.
Much effort and handcraft was invested in renovating the then dilapidated buildings, little by little. In 1960 the Eggalm „Niederleger“ barn,  1982 the Eggalm „Hochleger“ barn, in 1963 the mountain hut, and 1965 the home barn. 
1971 saw the rebuilding of the farmhouse with the addition of guest rooms, and as of 1972 the Grünwaldhof has been accommodating guests from near and far. 
Twelve years later in 1984, Franz Klausner took over the family business.
In 1989 his wife, Gertraud Klausner, took on the responsibility of the letting of the rooms.
After renewed renovations in 2012 the Grünwaldhof shows style in its modern and natural design. In 2015 the farm was signed over to Hannes Klausner, now the fourth generation to run the business with heart and soul. 
Thanks to all four generations the Grünwaldhof is now what it is, each and every family member contributing together.